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How To Make Big Money Reselling Web Hosting - Great opportunity!

What Is Web Hosting
The World Wide Web is a massive collection of web sites; all hosted on computers called web servers. The web server is where your web site resides and it is known as the web host. Web hosting clients simply upload their web sites to a web server, which the ISP maintains to ensure a constant, fast connection to the Internet. So if you own the web server or rent a space in the web server as a reseller and sale to clients wanting to host or put their websites in the Internet, you are running a web hosting business. In other words people who want to put their websites in the internet will pay you and you will give them a username and password to a Control Panel which they will use to send or upload their web pages to your web server, you donít need to be a programmer or IT guru to do a web hosting business, everything is click through.

Who Is Qualified For This Business
You donít need to be a programmer or IT guru to do a web hosting business, everything is click through. If you can type and click a mouse, you are qualified.Maybe you work with a good pay or you run a successful business, and youíre looking for ways to make more money with less effort. Perhaps you're a web designer looking for a way to provide hosting to your clients while increasing your profits. Or probably you are not IT inclined but you can click mouse and browse, hence you want to make extra income on the web. Your schedule is always tight, no time. That is okay Ė all you need is this web hosting business.

Why Should I Do A Web Hosting Business
Because it is viable and can generate you unimaginable income, moreover it is very easy to run and maintain, unlike a normal website which needs a steady maintenance in order to attract visitors.
There are literally so many websites being added to the web each day that if you could even capture a small fraction of a percent you could be rich!
Every day there are thousands of websites added to the world wide web. Today there are millions upon millions of websites, and millions more are added each year. And guess what? EVERY single one of those websites has to have a host! If they didn't have a host, nobody would be able to see their website.
And we have developed a good reseller package for you. Our reseller plan has the ability to host unlimited sites. As a reseller you create your own packages and prices. Being a reseller is completely anonymous allowing you to act as an independent hosting company. Your customers wonít know that you are a reseller. Our reseller hosting plans allow you keep 100% of the money you collect.

How Do I Make Money With Web Hosting
When you order our Reseller Package, it comes with a free domain i.e www.yourname.com or anything you choose. It also comes with 10,000MB (Mega Bytes) of web space, this means we are renting you a space in our web server with a size of 10,000MB. To make money you will now divide the space the way you like and fix prices e.g 20MB for N5,000 per annum i.e when somebody wants to host his/her website, the person will pay you N5,000 or any amount you choose and you will allocate him/her a space of 20MB from your reseller account and send him/her an ID and password to use to login into the space you allocated and upload his/her website. The plan comes with unlimited domains which means you can host any number of websites in your reseller account. So making profit from this business is sure, because our Reseller Plan is just N60,000 per annum, and when you retail 10,000MB at the rate of 20MB for N5,000, you will be making about N2.5 million naira before exhausting the available space of 10,000MB. This means you have turned an investment of N60,000 to N2.5 million which you can run as a part time business and still maintain your regular job. You divide the space the way you like and fix prices. Your customers won't know you are running a reseller hosting, because everything is designed to enable you run as an independent hosting company. The opportunities are endless for you to make money. You need to take a bold step. Alcapelhost.com started as a reseller and today we have grown to own our own data center filled with servers. You cannot get this opportunity anywhere else, this is just a promo offer and will not last long, so grab yours before our available reseller space finishes.

How Do I Start?
First of all, search for the name you want to use for your web hosting e.g www.yourhost.com , make a payment of N60,000 into our GTB account, fill our online form. Within 2 days your hosting and domain will be ready, and your hosting business will be a dream come true.

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